Welcome to Capstone Institute And Kathy Lewis


Kathy Lewis
Founder & President

Capstone’s Reputation

Capstone Institute of Mortgage Finance’s reputation was earned from 32 years of experience serving the mortgage industry.  Kathy Lewis founded Capstone Institute of Mortgage Finance in 1986 as the first mortgage school in the United States. Kathy and Capstone Instructors  are renown for both their training expertise and industry knowledge. All of Capstone’s instructors have 25 or more years as mortgage professionals.

When our nations leading governmental agencies, banks and lenders continue to register their staffs for our training it indicates both the quality of  the training  and the support their employees receive.

Partial List of Agencies Who Have Approved or Used Capstone’s Training 

US Dept of HUD – Homeownership Centers

Santa Anna

State Agencies

Alabama Dept of Banking & Consumer Finance
Pennsylvania Dept of Banking & Securities
New York Dept of Financial Services
Mississippi Dept of Finance
Maryland Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation
Florida Dept of Financial Institutions
North Carolina Dept of Banking and Insurance
South Carolina Sate Board of Financial Institutions
Georgia Dept of Banking And Finance

Georgia Real Estate Commission
New Jersey Dept of Banking & Insurance
Texas Dept of Banking
Tennessee Dept of Financial Institutions

Partial Listing of National Lenders
Freedom Mortgage
Pacific Union
Sun Trust
Wells Fargo
Citi Bank
Bank of England


Capstone’s  Curriculum & Training Materials

Capstone’s courses are far more than just information presented to you with  your responsibility to understand and then apply it in your job.  Our success stems from our founder Kathy Lewis.

She has an unique ability to make complicated things simple and that’s why thousand of mortgage professionals love her technical training style coupled with her publications, exercises and check lists. 

She is the Queen of “Check Lists”. If you follow Capstone’s check lists you’ll enjoy life more,  because your loan will close on time and without drama.

To her credit , over the last 32 years Kathy Lewis has published over 132 mortgage and real estate publications.

For new employee’s,  mortgages seem very complicated but in reality they’re not.   Upon opening any of Kathy’s publications you’ll immediately see that the entire book is laid out in a simple and logical order.

You won’t get lost in any of Capstone’s courses because its easier to learn when everything is laid out in a step by step order.  Capstone is so confident that you’ll enjoy and learn about mortgage we’re the only training company that offers a satisfaction return policy by giving every student the option of returning their materials and getting a refund.  

Why Printed Books over online books?

Kathy Lewis has published over 132 mortgage and real estate publications to her credit. Practically every one learns more efficiently with printed books versus online books. That’s why all Capstone courses include printed books  and case study exercises. Remember when you register for a class ;  allow 5 to 7 days for your books to reach you.