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$250.00 / month for 2 months with a 30-day free trial and a $545.00 sign-up fee

The CMS designation was first created by Capstone in 1998. The purpose of the designation was to have a prescribe mortgage curriculum which would bring employees with no mortgage background up to a professional competency level in a few weeks versus 3 to 4 months of on the job training.

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For best results students should be required to complete this training within 2 two of starting their job.

The CMS mortgage training curriculum covers all of the skills required to give new Processors “Mortgage Competency.”

Instructor: Kathy Lewis
Duration:    44 Hours / 90 Days Access
Included:    Printed Manuals and Case Studies And Online Manuals And Case Studies


Loan Processor  CMS Curriculum: 44  Hrs. Training Cycle
1st:   Fundamentals Of Loan Processing (Conventional Loans)
2nd: Fees Worksheet & Loan Estimate
3rd:  Correctly Calculating The Borrowers Income
4th: How To Read Credit Reports
5th:  Understanding FHA Loans
6th : Understanding VA Loans
7th   Qualifying The Self-Employed Borrower
8th: TRID – TILA-RESPA – Integrated Disclosures

Lesson #1: Fundamental Of Loan Processing (Conventional Loans)

Loan Processing Training Near MeCapstone Institute trained processors are better organized because they are taught a systematic way of problem solving and how they’re going to address any problems which could arise in the future which could stop their loan from closing on time.
Capstone processors don’t have to rely on computer software to perform their jobs. Every processor who receives their certificate understands how to calculate every number and formula within a mortgage application, with only a basic financial calculator.

Our structured training prepares processors to perform their duties and responsibilities, quickly and with minimal management supervision. Our training covers every job skill a new processor needs to understand. As a new conventional loan processor your duties, skills and technical knowledge are held to a higher standard than a loan originator. Why?

Because it will be your responsibility to insure that every statement of fact that the borrower has made on their mortgage application correctly reflects the borrower’s true identity, employment history, verifiable income and all their assets and liabilities.
Additionally you’ll need to insure your loan originators always stay in compliance with all state and federal lending laws, rules and guidelines or your loan will never be approved.

Duration: Approximately 16.0 clock hours / Online Testing Requirement

Lesson #2: Fees Worksheet & Loan Estimate

Learning How To Complete The Fees Worksheet & Loan Estimate

Never completely trust any mortgage software.

With Capstone’s training  mythology you’ll be able to calculate any part of  the Fees Worksheet and new Loan Estimate Form in seconds using your own calculator.  That’s the great thing about Capstone’s training, we teach you how to calculate everything using your own calculator.This means learning any mortgage software is going to be easy because you already know how the numbers work and where they go.

Kathy Lewis  takes the mystery out of how the Fees Worksheet and Loan Estimate form work.

Lesson #3: Correctly Calculating The Borrower’s Income ( Easy to use and to learn)

Correctly Calculating Borrowers Income

Kathy Lewis’s presentation is easy to follow and is synchronized to your online and downloadable  manual with case studies.

Believe it or not:

One of the top reasons loans are returned or denied by lenders is improper calculation of the borrower’s income. Regardless of who’s mortgage software you’re using, your software can’t look at the borrower’s income documentation and apply underwriting rules on what’s acceptable and what’s not. Only competent originators and processors can review the borrower’s income and decide if it’s acceptable or not

Overview of whats covered:

  • 20{aa6826802f2242624ebd3d634370449213851ae34b8d9103e3d5cad215c8795f} Declining Income Rules: When you need to use them

  • The allowable differences in combining w-2’s -1099’s- and expenses

  • When and how to average different incomes over past years and months

  • When and how to average commissions

  • When and how to deduct business expenses

Lesson #4  How To Read Credit Reports

 reading and understanding credit reportsMost credit reports are divided divided into four sections:

* Whose credit is being represented
* How they pay  their bills
* Roll overs
* Public records
* Inquiries

When reading and interpreting someone’s credit report, it’s important that you have the knowledge and skills to do so. This training is going to give you the knowledge and the skills

Loan Originators & Processors

After taking a correct mortgage loan application (1003), the first thing the loan originator and/or processor need to do is to compare it against the person’s credit report. Checking names, residences, opened accounts, tradelines, credit limits, available credit, closed accounts, collections, charge offs and other information vital to the outcome of the loan’s approval or denial.  Sometimes there are errors in a report.

The challenge is to read it carefully every time and understand how to interpret the information correctly.

Reading a credit report for the first time is very intimidating.  Lots of pages with data, tables, codes , contact information, addresses, payoffs …the list goes on.

Your instructor Kathy Lewis is going to take all the mystery and confusion away.   After completing this course, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence needed to read any credit report accurately.

Lesson #5: Understanding FHA Loans

FHA Refresher Training Using The New HUD 4000.1



There’s no such thing in the real world as FHA 101 or beginner FHA or basic or advanced FHA. You either know the FHA rules, guidelines, policies and procedures or you don’t. Capstone Institute and Kathy Lewis have been instructing FHA loan originators and processors since 1986. We don’t teach theory or divide FHA loans into modules like FHA Part 1 and FHA Part 2 to charge higher tuitions.

Nor do we cut our training time and content into separate training for originators and another for processors because we believe everyone needs to understand the complete process from origination to closing.

No shortcuts with our training. Your online video program is synchronized to your FHA manual, handouts, case studies and covers everything you or your department needs to master to properly counsel your borrowers and to close your FHA loans on time.

View some of our honored clients:

US Department of HUD:

Philadelphia Homeownership Center
Atlanta Homeownership Center
Denver Homeownership Center
Santa Anna Home Ownership Center

National & Regional Lenders

Freedom Mortgage
Union Pacific
Renasant Bank
Bank of America
Wells Fargo
Regions Bank
Fifth Third Bancorp
Sun Trust


This training is offered as an individual program and the details can be found on our Home Page.

Lesson #6: Understanding VA Loans

Courses on Processing LoansView our VA Technical Training Manual

Our Veterans have served our nation in the highest traditions and they deserve the best information available to them regarding their home purchasing rights and benefits under the GI Bill. The VA acts as the guarantor on the loan, protecting the lender in case of a default just like FHA does for civilians.

Kathy Lewis your instructor makes learning the rules and complexity of VA documentation and guidelines easy and we strongly advise both originators and processors to participate in this training.

Again there are shortcuts with our VA training.

VA Programs & Guidelines
Determining the Veteran’s Eligibility
VA Allowable & Non-Allowable Fees – How to Complete the Fees Worksheet
Qualifying the Borrower & Determining Residual Income
Preparing All VA Forms
VA Purchase
VA Refinance
VA Streamlines Guidelines

Our VA training is also available as an individual program and the details and can be seen under our Origination or Processing areas.

Lesson #7: Qualifying The Self Employed Borrower

how to best qualify a self employed borrowerPrinted 53 Page Case Study Tax forms And Schedule E

An important part of originating and processing loans is understanding how to properly qualify self-employed borrowers.

The trick is to understand and analyze tax returns without becoming an accountant and you don’t need to take an accounting course to be confident about qualifying the self-employed borrower.

Capstone’s training is always there for you. Your instructor Kathy Lewis gets right to the point of what you need to know and how to calculate your borrower’s real qualifying income.

This course provides hands-on training covering reviewing the various business entities through review of all IRS schedules, including:

Sole Proprietor Income Tax Return
“C” Corporation Income Tax Return
“S” Corporation Income Tax Return
“LLC” Tax Return
Schedule “E” Real Estate Owned plus All Other Tax Return Schedules
Reviewing Partnerships K-1s
Reviewing the 1040 Individual Tax Return

This training is also available as an individual program and the can be seen under loan Origination or Loan Processing

Lesson #8:   TRID – TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures

Online Courses on TRID - RESPA-TILA Integrated DisclosuresKathy Lewis  has humbled some attorneys firms offer this training.  The information was good, but rumors say it was very hard to stay awake.  Kathy blends in pertinent real life stories into your lessons help you remember the fine points and keep the class rolling smoothly.   She has a great gift of reading through the legalise and translating what the government is expecting you to comply with and how to comply.

Includes:    Downloadable manual and handouts

A few national lenders who use this training?
Union Pacific
Freedom Mortgage

Compliance officers :
Request a quote if you’re considering TRID Refresher training for your company

Your ” Mortgage Competency” is assured with your CMS award designation

This course of training is designed for new originators and processors who need to become effective in their new positions within 30 days and proficient within 90 days.

We first instituted our CMS program back in 1997. Back then we offered this training live in Atlanta and had students flying in from all 50 states.

Later we expanded our CMS training to VHS tapes, then CDs and finally in 2004 to online self paced videos. From 1997 to date we’ve trained over 65,711 CMS graduates. We talking about real training that’s industry respected and not some self paced continuing education class.

You can feel confident that your CMS training continues to be current and extremely detailed in all aspects of origination and processing.