Fundamentals of Loan Processing


All though the title of the course says fundamentals; this is actually a detailed training course covering everything a new processors need to master. (Does cover FHA & VA loans)

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Instructor:  Kathy Lewis
Duration:    16.1 hours / 7 Lessons – 2.3 hours each- 90 days access
Included:     Printed Manual and case studies with simulated loan file
Certificate:  Certificate of Completion awarded  after online testing



Some would say loan processing is easy. Just fill in the blanks on your loan software and your done.

So Not True.


Capstone’s philosophy is one of “HANDS ON”.  This means that is in addition to teaching the you rules and guideline we’re going to show you how to calculate the mortgage numbers without using any software.

It really doesn’t matter what mortgage software your company is using because you’ll have the knowledge and skills to do your own calculations.   Believe us all mortgage software makes errors. Great processors can catch the errors and know how to fix them.


Use Of A Financial Calculator Is Strongly Recomme.

This training consistently requires the use of a financial calculator or have access to a  financial phone app.  

This training includes an optional course on the HP12C financial calculator but any financial calculator or app will work . 

We supply the training but not the HP12C




 We guarantee your satisfaction.

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Every student has 10 days or 3 hours of access from the date of purchase to evaluate our training; which ever occurs first.  If a student is not satisfied just notify us at 888-254- 3431 and well send them a pre-paid FEDEX packing slip to return our training materials. Training materials must be returned in resell-able condition without damage.

A 4.5% credit card fee and a $15.00 admin fee will be deducted from the purchase price and processed immediately upon receiving back our materials




Conventional Loan Processing

The Loan Processor duties are to scrutinize every line item on the residential mortgage loan application for accuracy and authenticity before signing off on the file and sending it to the underwriter for approval.  There’s a logical and practical way to learn loan processing and we’ve mastered it.

Capstone Institute has been perfecting their “Best Training Practices” since 1986. In our 32 years of experience  we’ve learned what teaching techniques work best and which ones don’t. Our structured training system prepares processors to perform their duties and responsibilities quickly with minimum amount of management supervision. 


Use Of A Financial Calculator Is Required.

All students need to understand this training consistently requires the use of a financial calculator or have access to a  financial phone app.

This training includes an optional course on the HP12C financial calculator but any financial calculator will work . 





While in training you’re going to process a  complete loan file and get it ready for shipping to underwriting. Open the loan processing manual below and see everything we’ll be covering .  Now you see why it take 16 hours to complete this training.

Capstone covers all the bases the first time without short cuts or work arounds

Mortgage regulations, processing rules and financial calculations are intimidating to many but they really aren’t when Kathy Lewis shows you her best practices for loan processing.One of the many advantages with our conventional loan processing training is that it’s been constantly updated and perfected. Our conventional processing training is extremely detailed and your expected training time is about 16 hours. You’ll actually process a complete simulated loan file.After 3 to 5 years of work experience many processors advance into underwriting and higher management positions.

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Student Technical & Training Support

Kathy Lewis has always prided herself on offering the best student support in the industry. Whether you’re currently taking any of her training classes or whether you have an unusual loan situation in the future, Kathy is happy to assist

Since 1986 your instructor Kathy Lewis has always offered free life time support.